Custom Royalty Free Music?  How is that possible?  Is that even a thing?  It is starting today.  Here is how it works.  

  1. In order to be able to help you, we need to speak the same language.  We need to be on the same page on types of music, tempo, mood, and instrumentation.  
  2. By building a graphical system with audio examples, you can learn how to identify what you need and relay that info to me.
  3. Submit the form filled out to request your desired track.  I will produce it within 2 weeks.  I will make one revision on the song as well. 
  4. It is a win-win.  You get a track that you really like and I grow the catalog.   I am here to help you. 
  5. This is an active Subscriber feature only 
  6. Requests may be deferred due to volume of  active requests in order to maintain quality and to be able to meet my stated goal of a 2 week delivery 

custom music request form